Le livre d'Alice


I am Alice Davazoglou
I am trisomic normal but ordinary

At some point, I wanted people to get to know us better, people with intellectual disabilities. I realized that some people can't stand us being different and sometimes make fun of us. I wanted them to learn and understand who we are, that we have talents even if we need help with certain things.

I would like us to have the right to be different, like everyone else. I would like them to understand that we are happy as well. I would like us all to understand each other and to live well together.
Since I draw and I like to do portraits, I first had the idea of making two books with texts and portraits:

A book about my story and what I do and think today.

Another one about the friends with intellectual disabilities I dance with in the workshops.

And in fact, I put these two books together in one. I talked about it to people around me and got to work.

  • Alice Davazoglou

Le Livre d'Alice is available here.

illustrations, text Alice Davazoglou

illustration page 21 Valérie Dumas

printing Escourbiac

co-production L'échangeur - CDCN Hauts-de-France (FR), bi-p

with the support of Association Regard Trisomie 21, Hauts-de-France Region , Department of Aisne, Agglomeration of the Château-Thierry region, Commune Château-Thierry

acknowledgements Agathe L., Annabelle P., Anne-Laure P., Anne-Lise S., Armande G., Catherine M., Céline M., Céline L., Chantal B., Christophe M., Didier L., Emma G., Florette C., Françoise D., Frédéric P., Frédérique L., Isabelle G., Isabelle M., Jérôme C., Léa C., Manon C., Manon J., Marie D., Marion L., Mickaël P., Nathalie H., Séverine S., Sylvain M., Valérie D., Véronique B., Xavier L.

drawing credit Alice Davazoglou

Alice Davazoglou is the winner of a grant from the National Dance Centre's Dance Research and Heritage Programme.